Gallery 2

Single Moon Hare candle holder, with moon phase designs on each side. 70mm tall.

Gold leaf candle holder. 100mm tall.

Celtic knot candle holder. 100mm tall.

Winter tree candle holder. 150mm tall.

Pair Celtic knot candle holders. 150mm tall.

Turned Yew bud vase. 100mm tall.

Pestle and Mortar. 175mm tall x 100mm diameter.

Winter tree bowl. 230mm diameter x 55mm deep.

 Large Mandala box. 160mm x 160mm x  90mm.

Pagan Wheel of the Year bowl. 300mm diameter x 70mm deep.

Uffington horse box. 200mm x 60mm x 60mm.

Cornish engine house box. 90mm x 90mm x 50mm.

Celtic heart box. 90mm x 60mm x 60mm.

Moon hare box. 140mm x 90mm x 50mm.

 Green Woman box.110mm x 110mm x 58mm.

Owl box. 110mm x 110mm x 58mm.

Winter tree box. 150mm x 75mm x 60mm.

Lozenge Mandala box.  235mm x 115mm x 55mm.

Salad servers. 300mm long.